Day 11: Wally World

Well, we made it to Wally World. Drove to the wrong entrance on a single lane and had to back the SportsTruckster out quite a ways into on coming traffic.

The rides came into view with Dad indicating that we should start on the Leviathan. Look it up.

Then we came closer to the entrance where the ride was above us. You guess the rest.

Dash stayed in an air conditioned area for pets while we ventured forth. No BB guns needed.

We started on a ride labelled “Aggressive” which fittingly enough was based on a Mini Cooper. Dad and the kids started off fine, then Dad’s stomach seemed to not want to play.

Kids overall did well, Liam took awhile to get his ride legs. He surprised me by going on some pretty crazy scarry rides. I, agreed to go on one that will forever haunt me. FlightDeck. Look it up.

I have come to peace with the fact that 20 years ago when I was here I may have had a few more screws loose to try the rides that I refuse to go on today. Others may disagree.

Beaver Tails, 40 gallons of pop, foot long farmers sausage, etc….


Off to Kingston and brothers cottage.