Day 12-14: Buck Lake Kingston

Finally some R&R at a most awesome and tranquil place. My brother’s cottage at Buck lake.

Kids killed me at Wally World so its nice to drink some bevies and not have to drain the “shitter” for a change.

Family had a fantastic dinner prepared by Aunt Nancy and Uncle Andrew. Lake is warm, warmer than Lake Superior and tomorrow is another chilled, cottage day. Sports Truckster parked for a bit.

Dash is in heaven with exploring the forest. We saw a beautiful sunset and Liam chased some fireflies tonight.

Next 2 Days epic ribs, chicken and burgers, swimming, and Seadooing. Dash is exploring lots, took him for a kayak ride across the bay to bark at the bull frogs.

Sleeping in, beer, wine, heaven for all.

Off to Montreal on Monday.