Jour 18: Adieu Quebec, J’aime beaucoup

Well I have been speaking French for 4 days now I have great satisfaction hearing from several people in Montreal and Quebec, from taxi drivers, to ticket agents to waitresses that my French is pretty good. Alas, my brain is fried from this.

Nice to hear from the impressionable daughter that I received 2 thumbs up for my French.

Satisfying day with the most beautiful woman in the world. No better place than to have wine and a delicious lunch at a Quebec restaurant in a park-like setting. Happy 20 years!

Science:….. Montmorency falls east of Quebec City, at 84 metres (276 ft) high and 46 metres (151 ft) wide, are the highest in the province of Quebec. They are 30 metres (98 ft) higher than Niagara Falls.

My first time eating rabbit. Tastes like turkey.

Off to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia.

Salut et au revoir!!!