Day 19: New Brunswick

Sad to say goodbye to Quebec but off now to a much anticipated Maritime adventure.

Adventure getting to the campground was an understatement. Pete, in all his wisdom..that’s me, chose to follow Google Maps for the quickest route shaving off a blistering 15 minutes.

Highway 695 and 855 are more suited to ATV’s then dually E450 10 cylinder SportTrucksters.

Never-the-less, we did arrive 15 minutes sooner to a cute forested campsite.

New Brunswick is not at all what I had expected. Rolling hills with some steep climbs similar to the Caribou or drive to Merrit. Forests, lakes and very interesting bridges. Beautiful in its own right and different than what we have seen. Grand Falls is one of them…

In 1686, Monsignor de Saint-Vallier (of Quebec) was the first known person to mention in writing the magnificent falls for which Grand Falls is named. His words describing the area can be found on a monument erected at the mouth of Davis Park in 1986. He recounts his trip to the region in 1686. He writes: “On May 16 we arrived at a place called Grand Sault St-Jean-Baptiste. Here the river falls madly from a height of 60 feet, forming a huge waterfall that thick fog envelops the tumult of the falls far warns mariners descended in canoes.

We actually went across our first covered bridge near Bloomsfield Kings County.


Off to see the Reversing Falls tomorrow and then bay of Fundy.