Day 20:Bay of Fundy

Started the day a wee late due to the time zone difference, slept in a bit and missed the reversing falls. We will catch them on the way back. Headed through the Funny National Park and had lunch in Alma.

Yum yum yummy yum yum…. Lobster caught fresh in the bay. Tash would have nothing to do with it.

Lesa had a delicious Lobster roll, we shared Lobster Seafood dip and the kids had …..hamburgers.

I drank a scrumptious local beer- Yippe-.

Oh ya, I had to navigate the monster SportsTruckster and parallel park it on a narrow street. Stopped traffic but got the thumbs up!

Then we headed to HopeWell Rocks park to look at the stone flowerpots. Nice hike to the beach and oh so spectacular natural stones. 1mm erosion/year, 1 foot in 100 years.

Dash was a mess by the end. Icky sticky mud.

Off to PEI for 2 days.