Day 21 & 22: Prince Edward Island

What a spectacular drive across the Confederation Bridge. Somewhat windy with gusts up to 70 kmh so the SportsTruckster was a handful. Beautiful views of Northumberland Straight. White caps and beautiful shades of blue water.

The drive to our campsite was utterly beautiful. The weather today (first day of rain) added to the atmosphere. Cleared up along the way with stunning sun and clouds breaking through. There are many white old churches along the way through Charlottetown to the interior and then to the coast. Several Amish or Mennonites were seen along the road in their black horse drawn buggies.

We arrived to SealCove park and drove up to our water front site.

Pictures are better than words.

A local couple were gathering clams on the beach, all edible. I might try my luck at that tomorrow.

Dash is in heaven on the soft red sandy beach. There are many seals off in the distance that believe it our not sound like barking coyotes.