Day 23 & 24: Nova Scotia and THE END

Well we finally we made it to the last Province (alas, Newfoundland will have to be a separate trip).

Our time budgeted was just not enough for all the wonders of this great country. Staying 4 days in Quebec (a must) put us behind somewhat along with our family visit in Kingston, but absolutely NO regrets.

Rained yesterday, explored some of downtown Halifax, Maritime museum, great restaurant and the sea bridge. Drove through Halifax a bit and we were taken aback at the quaint houses (east coast style) throughout the city. Also, they have many old buildings that are restored or in the process there of and not demolished like in other large urban centres.

The maritime museum explained in detail the history of Nova Scotia and also how old of a port it is.

It was worth driving through smaller communities and sometimes “suspect” highways to get a better feel of the community. Tourist attractions were nice at times but so were the less travelled roads.

Camped at a gorgeous spot with access to forest trails and a warm lake that Liam loved. Dash, no matter how hard he tried could not bring his master the elusive squirrel or chipmunk.

Well time to hustle back home, at least we will be gaining an hour here and there. Before we know it we will be back home and the daily usual routines.

This trip was absolutely with out a single doubt one of the most amazing trips of my young lifetime. We all enjoyed different and unique aspects of the trip and we are a closer family because of it. It will take some time for Liam and Natashia  to digest all that has gone on. I am sure they will remember this trip and look fondly of it in the years to come.

A few more posts here and there along the way……